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Our Vision Statement

We aim to create and promote the best practices of tomorrow, today.

Our Purpose

We, the members of believe that through the power of good governance, conscious compliance practices and responsible ethical practices, we can help promote a future that is worthy of our children. We believe that there is a path to be followed to achieve this including:

  • conscious leadership in society and our institutions,
  • outcomes-aware decision making, and
  • sustainable value creation in business and society.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to do this by (i) facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience within the fields of governance, compliance and organisational behaviour between practitioners, academics, regulatory and public actors, and (ii) to enable collaboration and thought leadership between  the many individuals who dedicate their efforts and passion in these areas to help our societies create a legacy of hope and promise for the future.

Our Values

  • Open Mind
  • Collaboration
  • Mutual Respect
  • Generosity of Spirit

Website Code of Conduct

Members will at all times act in a manner that enhances and sustains a relationship of trust between the members of the website. The basis for maintaining a positive trust environment is:

  • The membership will be based on professional recommendations and a proven contribution to the governance and compliance knowledge spheres.
  • Members will adhere to the mutual respect of the principles of intellectual property rights, sharing and eventual copyright.
  • The behaviour of members will be conform to the values of this website: Open Mind, Collaboration, Mutual Respect and Generosity of Spirit

Members of website agree to, at all times;

  • To engage with other members of the website with an open mind.
    • To listen with an open mind to all opinions and to discuss and debate opposing views in the spirit of exploration and self-enlightenment.
    • We believe that ending a discussion by agreeing to disagree, but having learnt more about a topic in the process is a win-win for all parties.
  • To engage with other website members in a spirit of collaboration, mutual support and learning.
    • The purpose of the website is to create a community of peers willing to engage with each other, to offer and receive inspiration and advice.
    • Queries from other members will be responded to politely, with transparency and in the spirit of knowledge sharing.
    • Members agree to freely share the fruits of their discussion and collaboration on this website with other members through regular updates in the “What’s Happening” News or other forums.
  • All members will at all times show respect to colleagues on the website, irrespective of opinions or beliefs.
    • To respect the rights of others to hold opinions opposite to that of oneself.
    • On this website we always respect the person voicing an opinion we do not agree with, but we respectfully explain why we disagree.
    • It is the spirit of this website community to seek to understand the perspective of others of an opposite view, view debate as a learning opportunity.
    • Many subjects and strong opinions have their base, not in fact, but in faith or emotion. Members will acknowledge this situation when it becomes apparent and agree not to discuss a matter of faith or emotion, without the permission of the person espousing such faith.
    • When a dialogue has been conducted on this website, the Chatham House Rule prevails. I.e. participants are free to use the information received for non-commercial purposes, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the source, nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.
    • Nonetheless, in the event that the information concerned is derived from a Private Project Group, such information is to be considered intellectual property and may be divulged only with the permission of the originators of such information.
    • Unless otherwise stated, information or knowledge shared within the website Forums may be presumed to be subject to a Creative Commons licence (when an author wants to give other people the right to share, use, and build upon a work that they (the author) have created).
  • website is a learning environment that thrives on the free flow of ideas, exchange of experiences and the generous sharing of knowledge to which all members subscribe.
    • Members are admitted to this website on the presumption of reliability, respect and integrity.
    • We believe that creativity is a two-way street, whereby all participants show supportive behaviours, even when it appears exclusively to be to the benefit of others only.
    • We believe in Karma; that in being generous to others, we will ourselves benefit from the kindness and generosity of others

The use of this website is limited to topics relating to governance, compliance, ethics in business, government or society. The emphasis is to take any discussion as a learning experience, a creative opportunity, an opportunity for collaboration for the benefit of common welfare in a democratic society.

Membership of the website is offered at the sole discretion of Anthony Smith-Meyer, who reserves all rights to invite, reject or dismiss any member or applicant that, in his sole judgement, is, or has not proven the required level of competency or integrity to serve the vision and mission of

In the unlikely event that a member should act in contravention of this code of conduct, others will act in the spirit of speaking up in order to protect the trust environment of this online community. Any observation of misconduct that cannot be easily rectified, is requested notified to the Caretaker on

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