About Us

Anthony Smith-Meyer is the founder of TheGovernanceProject.org (SM) and managing director of its activities. He has been an independent activist and educator in the fields of governance, compliance and business ethics since leaving mainstream corporate life in 2012. Anthony is a non-executive member of the Advisory Board of the International Compliance Association (UK), an Adjunct Professor of Management at the European Campus of Miami University, Ohio, as well as an executive trainer in company direction and compliance management. From 2011 to 2015 he founded, and acted as Editor-in-Chief of, the Journal of Business Compliance (Baltzer Science Publishers). Anthony holds the UK Institute of Directors Diploma in company direction, and is qualified as a Certified Independent Director of the Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs in Luxembourg.

​Prior to  his post-corporate life he held executive management posts within the global functions of compliance and operational control at BNP Paribas, France, and Fortis Group, Belgium. An economist by background, Anthony has an extensive career within finance ranging from corporate relationship banking and project finance through structured finance and trading room activities before entering compliance in 2004. In 2018 he authored an undergraduate level textbook entitled “Surviving Organisational Behaviour“. Further background information may be obtained from his website or on LinkedIn.

Our History

TheGovernanceProject.org (SM) started as an embryonic idea in 2014 and went through a number of iterations before its purpose was crystallised, and the project initiated by the founder in 2017. This website is a work in progress, which is now nearing its completion. It’s objectives are the result of the founder’s manifold experiences within education and publishing since 2011. There is an impressive number of thought leaders, established or potential, working in the field of governance, compliance and organisational behaviour, who passionately believe in their message, and who are willing and wanting to share their ideas and knowledge. As the founder also experienced, it is not easy to take on, and change the world on one’s own. Many of us want to make a difference, but the influence we can exercise grows exponentially as we unite, join forces and collaborate in the pursuit of common objectives. At the current time, TheGovernanceProject.org (SM) is a loose and informal social network for professionals. 2019 will be an experimental year for the website, to evaluate its functionality and utility for the professionals who have been invited by the founder, and who have volunteered to experiment in this initiative to create a valuable, inspiring community. We aspire to register the initiative as a not-for-profit company, a Luxembourg a.s.b.l. with a social impact status in 2020. TheGovernanceProject.org (SM) is young; perhaps its aspirations for the future is of greater interest and significance than its past.

Code of Conduct

TheGovernanceProject.org (SM) is being created for its membership. We aim to provide a secure and safe environment for thought leaders to discover each other and to exchange ideas for productive projects. As such, trust and adherence to the integrity of the objectives of TheGovernanceProject.org (SM) need to be respected.

  • The membership will be based on professional recommendations and a proven contribution to the governance and compliance knowledge spheres.
  • Members will adhere to the mutual respect of the principles of intellectual property rights, sharing and eventual copyright.
  • The behaviour of members will be conform to the values of this website: Open Mind, Collaboration, Mutual Respect and Generosity of Spirit

All Members of this online community are required to adhere to our Code of Conduct, and any breach may result in expulsion and exclusion from  TheGovernanceProject.org (SM).  Our Code of Conduct is principles based and intended to serve the purpose and values of this community. As befits a learning and idea creation website, members are invited to suggest improvements in the Forums internal to the website.

Our Values

  • Open Mind
  • Collaboration
  • Mutual Respect
  • Generosity of Spirit

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