The Idea

This initiative seeks to address some of the 21st century needs of the business world, following the tumultuous changes introduced at the end of the 20th. De-regulation of financial and capital markets, combined with the accelerated expansion of global trade since the 1980’s has created challenges unprecedented in living memory and experience. Our world has opened up to new influences, unfathomable in both scope and opportunity. The internet has ensured that this stream of information envelopes us all at speeds and with an ease that is at once wondrous and incomprehensible.

The dynamism of the world we have created demands a lot of us. Complaints and expressions of information overload, superficial conclusions and the threat that “a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing” is ever-present amongst us. Faced with such a richness of choice, it is not surprising that reliance on bias and prejudice, intuition and immediacy has come to dominate our strategies and decisions. Results are expected to be immediate, and we address one issue at a time.

The art of good decision taking has always been important, but the discipline required in its execution is of an ever higher threshold. Company direction, compliance and the identification and creation of the organisational cultures that are fit-for-purpose relative to corporate or social purpose has become more of a science than an acquired art. In executive training, the subject areas of governance, compliance programme management and organisational behaviour have become matters of study, certification and professional qualifications. (SM) believes in the interdependence of this trilogy of topics. Based on the consolidation and expansion of a trustworthy and secure social network between thought leaders in this field, we intend to facilitate the cross-fertilisation of ideas, knowledge and experience, enabling them to find fruition in the launching of new, influencing ventures such as thought leadership writings, conferences, education and input to decision-takers, private or public, entrusted with the creation of a future worthy of our children.

Such an objective is too great for a few, it requires the efforts of us all. (SM) is a work in progress and will base itself on crowd sourced expertise and effort. It’s management will seek innovation and new paths of influence derived from its membership and aims to provide various platforms,  upon which its members may stage their projects. Below we explain three avenues of pursuit currently envisaged, but not yet activated. Watch this space.


We are many individuals seeking to influence our environment as best we can. (SM) aims to create a secure and safe environment in which experts and thought leaders, colleagues-in-spirit, professional alumni and other communities may find and reach out to each other for collaboration in keeping with the Code of Conduct of Membership.

Idea Creation

From (SM) social network will spring ideas. We aim to provide potential partners with safe and trustworthy  communication possibilities, as well as provide a depository for knowledge documents members wish to share, to allow ideas and joint projects such as subject area research, the publication of co-authored books and articles, the development of educational programmes and similar to flourish


Ideas for projects to be developed will come from (SM) members. Whereas innovation and invention come in unlimited forms, execution and delivery of outcome and influence will often assume  similar approaches, virtual or physical. (SM) will aim to be an enabler to its membership, identifying and eventually providing services to move from the spark of an idea, to innovation, to implementation.

Promoting a Future

Worthy of our Children





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