Make a Ripple; Create a Wave

Creating event that support the objectives of (SM)  falls into the category of “aspirations” as of January 2019. However, from small beginnings may spring larger things; or we could say “create a ripple, start a wave”. We are about to initiate one or two small events to create the opportunity for the exploration of governance and ethics topics in and out of Luxembourg. These may be organised with our without external support from professional organisations or alumni associations. However, if you have a great idea for an event, why not drop us a line and we can discuss?

The art of good decision taking has always been important, but the discipline required in its execution is of an ever higher threshold. Company direction, compliance and the identification and creation of the organisational cultures that are fit-for-purpose relative to corporate or social purpose has become more of a science than an acquired art. In executive training, the subject areas of governance, compliance programme management and organisational behaviour have become matters of study, certification and professional qualifications. (SM) believes in the interdependence of this trilogy of topics. Based on the consolidation and expansion of a trustworthy and secure social network between thought leaders in this field, we intend to facilitate the cross-fertilisation of ideas, knowledge and experience, enabling them to find fruition in the launching of new, influencing ventures such as thought leadership writings, conferences, education and input to decision-takers, private or public, entrusted with the creation of a future worthy of our children.

Dining Round Table


Dining Round Table

Private Dinner for members and friends to explore the meaning of integrity in business

Course for existing Board Members

Course offered by the Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs in Luxembourg on the conflicts encountered by the non-executive director: relative to the company, shareholders and fellow board members.

January 2020

Networking Event on the theme of Integrity, London

We are organising a network event for members and friends of the website to discuss Integrity: What it is, and how to make it meaningful in business

About Mic

About Mic

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