Diversity & Inclusion: The business of promises and what companies are doing

On 25 June 2020, Liverpool FC were crowned Champions of the English Premiership football league, adding to their already enviable current titles of European Champions and Club World Champions. If there is a case study of inclusion and success to be written, it would be of the determination shown...

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If you really want change: Don’t just walk the talk; talk while walking!

By Anthony Smith-Meyer This article ends a sequence of three exploring prejudice and discrimination at work. One final piece will look at how some companies are responding now to #BlackLivesMatter (#BLM).  In our first epistle, we looked at the causes and drivers of exclusive behaviours and why it influences...

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Diversity & Inclusion: Navigating the Path to Change

When the comfort zone gets uncomfortable In my first D&I article, “Inclusion or Exclusion: Know yourself; know your neighbour“, we sought to understand the nature of exclusion, and the importance of inclusion, as a moral and strategic imperative. We looked at the role of fear and distrust on both...

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Inclusion or Exclusion: Know yourself; know your neighbour

This is the first of four articles inspired by the confluence of a personal mission to promote integrity in business and society and the outrage that drives the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) is the new paradigm of company direction and business management that have gradually gained currency...

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MGT291 VideoCast Sem2 Ep11 – A Semester Like No Other

Professors Michael Schweiger & Anthony Smith-Meyer conclude the 2nd semester of casts in conversation with MGT291 students Ali Von Erden & Emily Stegmeyer about “A Semester Like No Other”. Looking back, glancing forward at what its like to be a Corona Age student and professor at Miami University in...

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The Business of Ethics in the Corona Age

How does business ethics mutate under the pressure of a crisis? Where are the pressure points and what will be the reaction of regulators in terms of focus? Have we finally reached a point where public sector compliance surfaces and what are the challenges facing a disrupted compliance landscape?...

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