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A little about ourselves

“A safe space for collaboration to thrive and ideas to come alive”

Our purpose is to enhance and promote:

  • conscious leadership in society and our institutions,
  • outcomes-aware decision making, and
  • sustainable value creation in business and society.

We aim to do this by (i) facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience within the fields of governance, compliance and organisational behaviour between practitioners, academics, regulatory and public actors, and (ii) to enable collaboration and thought leadership between  the many individuals who dedicate their efforts and passion in these areas to help our societies create a legacy of hope and promise for the future.


Any Questions?

In the event you are curious to know more about this website, it’s objectives, terms and conditions, I invite you to connect with us and send us your enquiry via the website connect function, or by email to Please bear in mind that the website is administered on a volunteer basis only and have patience in expecting immediate answers. We will get back to you as soon as we are able to.

You have Feedback for us?

This website is experimental and administered on a volunteer basis. However, to be a success we need to know what works and what doesn’t. Please let us have your feedback, on what either doesn’t work well, or which aspects that do work and which you value. If you need technical support or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

Check our Blog and Forums

This is a “private” website for members only. However, our blog page is open to the public and we are more than happy to consider articles, opinions and comments submitted from non-member sources, subject to approval by the editorial committee. We do not require exclusivity for posts published on (SM) ; only quality!

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Ideas in action (SM) is a work-in-progress. It is also an initiative to be driven along holistic lines, with its lead and inspiration taken from its membership, guidance only being provided in terms of maintaining focus on its purpose, and helping members connect the dots to both discover and pursue meaningful projects and objectives. This section is therefore indicative only of projects being established to facilitate the true value of (SM)  – namely your ideas.

Connecting Minds

There is a myriad of individuals and small organisations each trying to exert a beneficial impact on the world – be it in terms of consumer rights, responsible business, integrity of our institutions, social justice, our political systems or quite simply, our planet. Irrespective of objective, we believe that success builds on transparency, clarity of purpose and good governance. Our members all feel passionately about these topics and acknowledge than in a changing world, we can never rest our laurels. Alone, we can give a speech, write an article or a book, but together we can explore best ideas and apply best minds to create out-of-the-box visions of how we can improve: both our governance practices and our application of purpose or values driven decision making. (SM) is a virtual meeting place to facilitate and encourage fruitful exchange to develop ideas and modalities for promoting them.

Idea Creation

New projects initiated under the umbrella by the founder include the authoring of a new textbook on organisational behaviour for undergraduates. Taking its starting point in the learnings of practitioners explained in  terms of academic theory, it is now close to publishing. A second book seeking to explore and explain the nature and role of ethics at the levels of the individual, the group and society is underway. Finally, a new executive teaching module aimed at enabling senior compliance staff to better communicate the purpose and broader importance of effective compliance policies and programmes is planned.

Delivering Outcome

Ideas once developed and realised need to be delivered to those who can make use of them. As an initial step, we are planning spaces for online blogging and video presentations of work done, as well as identifying or developing basic guides to point participants in the direction of how to e-publish their work, or create online lectures and courses. This is a process of discovery, and we wish to encourage knowledge and experience share between members in how to best “get their message across” to a target audience.


A man or woman isolated, has no more impact that the sound of a tree falling in the forest when there is no-one who can hear it. Perhaps one day a passer-by will come over it and wonder what made it fall, perhaps not. It is therefore essential if we want our ideas to develop, flourish and come to fruition that we interact with others. We need networks and community to find inspiration and support to take our ideas to the next level. Our community is there to enable the formation of general discussion groups or detailed, and private, project work to put our ideas into action.

Join our worldwide community

Some of our website features

Exclusive Membership

All members are subject to approval by website management and are granted access on criteria of reputation, trust and proven competence and contributions in the field of governance, compliance, ethics or civil society. Current or future thought leaders who want to work with others to build a better future, today, will constitute the core of our community. We welcome academics, professionals, practitioners, researchers or other agitators for the common good from anywhere in the world.

A Safe Environment

The website is designed to allow the sharing of ideas and opinions in complete security, optimising conditions for knowledge sharing and collaboration. All security aspects relative to the website are provided by PCExpert, Luxembourg, and the website is hosted on an EU server in the Netherlands.

Transparency and Discretion

Members of have full access to discover the expertise and background of fellow members and any projects being worked on within the site. This notwithstanding, members are free to establish Project Groups for invited members only, ensuring the peace and discretion necessary to co-create new ideas and activities.

A Not-for-Profit Social Impact Initiative

This website is established on a pro-bono, private initiative basis. Members are personally invited to join at our sole discretion, but interested applicants are invited to contact us to be considered for membership. There is currently no subscription or membership fee, let’s discover its value first! (SM) is a private not-for-profit initiative.

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